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3 Reasons to Sign Up for Our HVAC Prime Member Plan

It’s officially Autumn (our favorite season obviously), and the weather has already started cooling down, especially at night. Some of you are probably loving it and some of you may be turning on the heat already in an attempt to not freeze in the middle of the night. Your furnace has either already been turned on or will be soon, which means you need a tune-up. We’re able to diagnose current problems and catch future issues in order to keep your unit running effectively. We recently had a customer with a small leak and we were able to quickly and easily fix the issue, which not only saved them money, but ensured that they’ll have a warm house when it’s time. We’re able to take care of your furnace repairs in Gadsden, AL whenever you need them, but wouldn’t it be nice to make the repairs now instead of your furnace going out in January and having to make an emergency call? Here’s the deal, there’s a simple way to stay on top of tune-ups, maintenance, and all the other HVAC and furnace things that get put on the back burner every year. At Autumn Air, we offer prime member plans for an affordable price. It’s only $10 per month for the 1st system ($3 for each additional unit) and includes the following:

  • Unlimited Diagnostics (No Trip Fee)
  • 2 Cleanings/Annually
  • 2 Safety Inspection/Annually
    15-50% Discount

So, why get a prime member plan?

1.Worry-free maintenance

If you’re forgetful or just plain busy, this is the best way to schedule routine maintenance without having to worry about it. We will get you on the books and then send reminders as the date approaches. It’s super easy and you won’t have to lift a finger! 

2.Lower energy bills

If your air conditioner or furnace has an undiagnosed problem, it could drive up your energy costs for months without you even knowing. Regular visits can diagnose issues and correct them before your electric bill gets out of hand. We’ll notice if something needs to be cleaned out or if a component isn’t working properly, then we’ll make the needed repairs. A unit that runs at peak efficiency can save you money monthly. 

3.Long-term savings

A furnace that has to work too hard for too long will quit a lot faster and the last thing you want is to dish out a large chunk of money on a new furnace when yours could have lasted a few more years with the proper maintenance. Catching smaller repair needs will cost you money obviously, but can postpone replacement which costs much more and all at one time. 

Additionally, our seasonal tune-ups can range from $49-79 twice a year, which is up to $158 a year. Our prime member plan at $10 a month makes it only $120 annually. You can save around $30-40 yearly by switching to a plan! 

We personally love camping, hunting, and a whole bunch of outdoor events in the Fall, so think of all the activities you and your family can do with your saved money! Contact us today to sign up as a prime member, start saving money, and ensure you’ll have a warm house as the weather continues to cool off. If your heat goes out at your house in Gadsden, AL any time this Fall or Winter, give us a call at (205) 922-7130.

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