Residential Emergency AC Repair in Birmingham, AL

Residential Emergency AC Repair

A sudden air conditioner breakdown can leave you and your family facing uncomfortably high temperatures in Birmingham, AL. In this situation, you should contact the professionals for residential emergency AC repair.

You can reach out to Autumn Air Home Services for fast help if your AC stops working. Call us at 205-850-7850 to get your AC unit up and running once more. Our customers are our priorities.

 Reasons to contact us for emergency air conditioner repair:

  • Individualized customer service for each client
  • High-quality workmanship from technicians with a minimum of five years of experience
  • A warranty on all service work in Birmingham
  • Experience handling different makes and models
  • On-time arrival to repair appointments
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Signs You Need Emergency AC Services in Birmingham

How do you know when you need emergency air conditioner repair services? Any breakdown may be  an emergency if:

  • It occurs on a day where the outside temperature is over 90 degrees
  • You live with elderly individuals or have young children in the house
  • It includes a leak and has the potential for water damage
  • You notice electrical problems with the system

Our team offers fast emergency AC repair services. However, you can also contact us if your AC breaks down outside of an emergency. We focus on all aspects of air conditioning repair and take the issue seriously; we don’t waste any time getting to your property with tools in hand..

Steps to Take During an AC Emergency

Many property owners are unsure what to do when their AC unit suddenly fails. However, you can take steps to stay cool by:

  • Using a box or oscillating fans
  • Turning on ceiling fans
  • Drinking cold water
  • Taking cold showers

You can also perform a few checks on your AC system to see if you can get it working again. First, look at the thermostat to ensure it has the correct programming. Next, ensure the system has working batteries and change them if they are dead.

You should also check your circuit breaker. Sometimes, the system flips and stops your AC unit from working. In this situation, resetting the circuit may allow the system to resume cooling your home right away.

However, we recommend that you do not try more in-depth AC repairs on your own. DIY repairs can lead to additional problems with the AC system and endanger your well-being. Instead, allow the professionals to take care of it safely and effectively.

Take Steps to Prevent Emergencies with Maintenance Service

Our team offers preventative maintenance services for AC and HVAC systems throughout Birmingham. Maintenance appointments help keep your cooling system in excellent condition by reducing the odds of a breakdown.

Our team inspects all the parts of your AC system when you schedule a maintenance appointment. They will clean or replace worn-out parts and improve the function of the AC unit. Technicians can also warn you about any potential problems they notice with the system.

We recommend once or twice a year maintenance services for cooling systems. If you have a stand-alone AC unit, an annual appointment is ideal . However, HVAC units heat and cool your home all year long and typically require more frequent maintenance.

We Also Provide Heating Repair Services

Our team has experience providing both cooling and heat services to clients throughout Birmingham. You can reach out to us if you need furnace repair to stay warm in the winter months. Our highly trained crews assess your situation and get to work right away.

We focus on treating all our clients like family, regardless of the heating and cooling services you need. We also take care of installing new heating and cooling systems if your old system fails entirely or if you believe it’s time for something new.

You can reach out to us to explore different units that meet your needs. Purchasing a new AC unit can help you lower your monthly utility bills, as many newer models have better energy efficiency ratings. In the event of a residential emergency AC repair, our team will walk you through your options and help you determine the best solution.

Speak to Us When You Need Emergency AC Repairs

Don’t wait to get help if you face an AC emergency in Birmingham. Instead, reach out to a team with the experience, equipment, and training to quickly get your cooling system up and running again.

Call Autumn Air Home Services at 205-850-7850 for residential emergency AC repair in Birmingham, AL.

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