Air Duct Design & Service in Birmingham, Al

Air Duct Design and Service

Autumn Air Home Services is dedicated to providing quality air duct design and service to homeowners in the Birmingham area.

We take pride in keeping your home comfortable all year round and offer a variety of services, including air duct cleaning and whole-home duct installation and repair.

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Air Duct Design & Service, air duct design and service

Air Duct Design

It is important to have the proper air duct design and service. One of the best ways to know if this is accurate or not is to have it serviced. During a duct service, we will inspect the ductwork for microbial infestations, duct leaks, and proper duct designs. The average home has roughly 30% duct leakage which can be very costly but also allow dirty air to get into the heating and air system and home.

This dirty air can not only damage the equipment and duct system but also cause the system to work harder. If the duct design is not accurate then it could cause several different things to happen. You can have hot or cold spots in the home which leads to being uncomfortable, it can cause the system to work harder, and it can even take years off of the system's life span. Not to mention it can cause certain components to fail and cause unwanted service calls and costly repairs.

Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning your duct system is recommended every three to five years. This will help ensure that the air duct design and service is operating at proper efficiencies but will also help ensure that harmful contaminants are not making their way into the home. A proper duct cleaning removes all dirt, dust, and harmful contaminants from the duct system and will vacuum it into a stored container to be disposed of. This is not only a good thing to do from a health standpoint but also from a utility cost standpoint as well.

Air Duct Encapsulation

Air duct encapsulation is not always needed so it is important to have a qualified specialist evaluate if this is needed or not. Most of the time, there are two reasons to encapsulate ductwork. The first is if the interior lining is defecting and getting into the air stream or the ductwork is damaged and the second is if there is microbial growth in the duct system. Most interior linings are made up of fiberglass so if it defects and gets into the air stream then any resident of the home can be breathing in fiberglass. This is not healthy and can cause severe lung damage.

Encapsulations will also seal small leaks in the duct system as well. If there are known microbial growth in the duct system then a good solution is to clean it and then encapsulate it. Cleaning the duct will remove the growth and the encapsulation will help keep new growth from forming. Most encapsulations have anti-microbial chemicals that make up the encapsulation materials so it helps to inhibit the growth from coming back in the future.

Air Duct Insulation

Insulating the air duct design and service system can have some major benefits. The first benefit is that it keeps the conditioned air away from the unconditioned air. This can help the efficiency of the system but also help keep the air comfortable as it leaves the heating and air system and gets to the home. The more heat or cooling gain the supply air receives in between the time it is conditioned and the time it makes it to the home the less efficient your home is. Insulating the ductwork is a great way to increase your home efficiencies. This will also help in keeping the home balanced as well. Insulating the ductwork is a good way to seal any leaks in the duct system too.

Whole Home Duct Install/Repair

In some cases, a duct system inspection will reveal damage to the duct system. Sometimes the damage is so severe that the ductwork has to be replaced or repaired. It is extremely important to have a qualified specialist inspect your duct system to make sure that a repair or replacement is truly needed. Duct installation requires a lot of math and time to be accurate but can have huge benefits to the homeowner if done correctly.

A proper duct system installation or repair can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in efficiency improvements and future repairs. The duct system is done correctly not only affects the duct system but also affects the heating and air conditioning system and the comfortability of the home.

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