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Indoor Air Quality

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Changing Filter

UV Light Treatment

Ultra-violet lights can be installed in the HVAC system and/or duct system. They are used to kill the DNA of germs, viruses, mold spores, bacteria, and fungi as they pass through the air handler system. A strategically placed UV light is very effective at killing close to one hundred percent of these harmful pollutants.

Due to the UV light doing its job, they are known to extend the life of the system. When harmful molecules aren’t allowed to grow and live in the air, then there tends to be less build-up of these harmful molecules on the evaporator coil of the system. This allows for better airflow which will lead to a better life span, better energy efficiency, fewer repairs, and more comfortability.

Uv lights have even been proven to reduce the risk for disease and sickness as well as odors. These UV lights typically operate off of low voltage and therefore have an extremely minimal impact on utility costs.

Air Purification

Air purifiers can be installed in the HVAC system and/or the duct system. A whole-house indoor air quality purifier is undoubtedly worth the money for those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. The system helps reduce symptoms by removing antagonistic air pollutants. This results in less frequent and less intense allergy and/or asthma attacks.

Even if there are no health conditions, an air purifier will help keep the duct system clean, the HVAC equipment clean, and the home clean. Air purifiers are known to help dust be filtered better, kill viral pathogens, and help eliminate the spread of germs. It is vital to select the right air purifier for your needs as not all air purifiers are the same.

Active air purifiers are the best in that they pursue mold spores, VOCs, viral pathogens, dust, allergens, and many other air pollutants. Air purifiers help keep the home’s indoor air quality healthy and clean while also helping the HVAC system work better. HVAC systems that have air purifiers installed tend to last longer, run more efficiently, and have fewer maintenance costs.

Filtration (HEPA/Media)

HVAC filters are designed to filter pollutants or contaminants out of the air that passes thru them. Air cleaning and filtration can help reduce airborne contaminants, including particles containing viruses. Media filtration will help filter out dust, dirt, dander, hair, and many other harmful items that will prevent airflow through the indoor evaporator coil.

Media filters typically get replaced once per year which is cheaper than replacing the typical filter every month. Media filters do a much better job of filtering out than a typical standard filter does. An even better method of filtering out is Hepa filtration. Most Hepa filters filter out at 99.997% filtration down to .03 microns which is an extremely small particle.

Hepa filters are fantastic and worth every penny because they do the best job of filtering out the home's environment. Customers with breathing issues like allergies, asthma, COPD, and other breathing issues tend to see a bigger benefit from these filters than anyone else due to how well they filter.


Whole-home dehumidifiers are excellent investments because they will make the home more comfortable and also can help lower the utility costs of the home. When a home is in the proper humidity range it helps the air quality in the home as well as keeps the home more comfortable. These are amazing benefits.

If your home is more comfortable, you won’t need to keep it quite as cold to be comfortable, which will save on the utility costs of the home. The whole home dehumidifier will also impact air quality. This happens because mold and bacterial spores have been proven to grow less frequently when the relative humidity of a home is within its proper range.

The home will also benefit from carpet, paint, wooden furniture, and many more interior items will benefit from a longer lifespan when in a dehumidified environment. The whole home dehumidifier works with the HVAC system by hooking up to the duct system and turning it on whenever the home gets outside of its proper range.


Humidifiers aren’t as popular in our area of the United States because we tend to need to dehumidify more than we need to humidify. Most of the time that humidification is needed in our market is when a homeowner has a gas furnace. Gas furnaces tend to dry the air out too much. Common homeowner complaints from this are nose bleeds in the winter months and high static electricity in winter months.

If your home tends to have more static electricity in the winter months or you or someone in the home suffers from nosebleeds in the winter months then a humidifier for the home may be worth the investment. Just like some of the benefits of a dehumidifier the humidifier can help the home be healthier by maintaining proper humidity levels. These humidity levels are also important for the integrity of the home and the interior life span of furniture, floors, paint, and so much more.

Air Exchange System

An air exchange system is needed for a lot of newer homes that are sealed up to a stricter code than in previous years. The EPA says that in most cases, indoor air has more pollution and contaminants than outdoor air does. One of the major benefits of an air exchanger is that it moves some of the indoor air outside and brings in fresh air from outside. This will help in controlling humidity but also will help with allergens and pollutants.

Older homes tend to be naturally leakier than newer ones so we see that the newer ones are really where this system is needed. The works in conjunction with the duct system as we will duct air from outside to in and inside to out. The main point of this system is to move old stale air outside and to bring fresh air inside.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

Humidity is a problem in the state of Alabama. Since humidity can create a favorable environment for mold, asthma sufferers may be concerned about inhaling mold spores. When looking for ways to dehumidify, consider an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) as a smart, cost-effective solution. Once you understand how this device works, you’ll see why an ERV can be a valuable asset to anyone who is trying to improve indoor air quality.

An ERV works by capturing the air that’s exhausted from your home and using that air to create the energy needed to ventilate your house. The ERV also treats the air the device ventilates into your house, instead of letting in humid Alabama air as a fan would. Since the air is pretreated, your air conditioner and heat pump unit don’t have to work as hard. You’ll not only allow your HVAC system to last longer, but you’ll also promote healthy indoor air quality. An ERV works during the heat and the cold. In warm weather, the ERV removes humidity and moisture from the fresh air entering your house.

Your HVAC system alone may not be enough to lessen the humidity in your home, so it’s important you control humidity another way. Humidity breeds mold, which can be terrible for asthma sufferers. Due to the way the energy recovery wheel inside the ventilator works, the air coming inside your house becomes cooled as that air passes through the ventilator.

Bath Venting

The primary purpose of having an exhaust fan is to remove the moisture from the bathroom. These fans help to control and eliminate bathroom odors as well. Additionally, they add to the safety of the home and its residents by reducing fumes from cleaning agents that could potentially cause health-related issues. Some bath vents have a light kit as well so it functions as a light and a fan in one unit. These fans have a vent pipe that goes from the fan to outside the home so that all the contaminants and moisture are removed from the home. Removing the moisture helps the heating and air conditioning system not have to work as hard to keep the air-conditioned area dehumidified.

Kitchen Venting

Range hoods of all styles are designed to remove odors, irritants, and grease that are expelled into the air. Once a hood has been turned on, the polluted air is filtered up through a fan that is either recirculated or carried outside. If your home does not have proper airflow you could be exposed to hazardous gas fumes such as carbon monoxide. 

Below is a list of several offenders in the kitchen if you do not have proper ventilation.

Heat and Steam - If you do not have proper circulation, your kitchen can become very warm and sticky. Good ventilation helps to capture any moisture in the air which can cause walls and ceilings to crack.

Grease - If grease and other residue are not maintained, mold and bacteria can grow in unwanted spaces. Grease can cling to cabinets which may attract unwanted critters. Hood filtration assists in keeping other cabinets and appliances clean while increasing the lifespan of your kitchen.

Smoke - Smoke can settle into soft surfaces which can cause eye irritation and can be poisonous to house plants.

Odor - Unpleasant scents can settle into your curtains, upholstery, and other soft surfaces.

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