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How Often Should You Be Getting Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Because air ducts can be found all over your home and directly impact air quality, it should be evident that they need to be cleaned regularly. But how regular should the cleaning be done?

When Should I Get My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Some professionals recommend cleaning your air ducts at least once a year. This is because an accumulation of dirt and dust and a buildup of mold, mildew, and other potentially harmful organisms can cause various health problems.

While some of these problems may not be obvious, they may still be there, and you should be willing to deal with their consequences if necessary. For example, mold buildup in your air ducts can cause severe headaches or nosebleeds.

Signs You Need to Clean Your Air Ducts

While some companies will only clean air ducts when you request that they do so, not everyone will do this. Some will clean your air ducts before you even know that there is a problem with them.

If you see any of the following signs or symptoms, it is likely a good idea for you to call for a clean out of your air ducts.

1. Strange Odors

Strange odors can often be a sign that there is a buildup of bacteria or mold in your ducts. You should likely have your air ducts cleaned if you notice a musty smell coming from your vents.

2. A Buildup of Dust

If you notice a buildup of dust in your home, it may be a sign that you have a problem with the air ducts.

3. Problems with Your Air Conditioning Unit

If you notice problems with the operation of your air conditioner, it may be a sign that your air ducts need to be cleaned.

For example, the air conditioner might be blowing out hot air even though it is at the right temperature. If you notice this problem, your air ducts are likely dirty.

4. Problems with Your Heating

If you notice that your heating is not working properly, you may have to clean your air ducts. Again, this is because a buildup of dust and dirt can cause problems for your heating unit.

5. Sneezing, Coughing, or Nasal Discomfort

If you notice that you, your family, or your pets are sneezing or coughing more than usual, there is likely a problem with your air ducts.

Nasal discomfort is also a sign of a problem. This is because there is likely a buildup of mold or something else in the air ducts.

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of cleanings is usually dependent on the size of the ducts and the number of vents. For example, if you have a huge home with many vents and ducts, the cost is likely to be higher.

However, despite the cost, it is still a good investment. It is better to spend money on cleaning instead of going to the hospital due to the health risks that dirty air ducts pose.


Air ducts are essential parts of your home. They should be kept in good condition and cleaned regularly. If you notice any symptoms related to dirty air ducts, it is likely a good idea to schedule a cleaning. While the cost may seem high, you should find that your air ducts are much better after a clean-out.

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