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Ductless (Mini Split) AC Systems FAQ’s

Ah, ductless AC systems…don’t tell anyone, but we think they might be our favorite right now, especially considering that we have some in our office! You may also hear them called a Mini Split. They’re small, efficient, and low maintenance. They’re a really great option in older houses that lack ductwork, in new additions to a house, and any room or space that just isn’t getting cool enough or warm enough. If you’re thinking about installing ductless AC systems in your home, you may have questions about these units, including how they’re different from traditional AC systems and whether they are worth it for the added benefits. Check out the answers to these FAQs then contact us to talk about how we can help with our home AC systems services in Pelham, AL. We want you to have the information you need to decide if a ductless AC system is the right one to bring comfort to every corner of your home.

What is a ductless AC?

Well, it’s an AC system that doesn’t require ductwork. But that’s only the plain and simple answer. Since they don’t require ductwork like a traditional unit would, they are great for room additions or new home builds, although they can really go in almost any space. Ductless systems contain two major components: A small, outdoor compressor and an indoor unit. An indoor unit must be put in each room you’re wanting to cool/heat. 

How do they work?

First of all, a ductless AC systems option cools and heats one room per unit, so each room that you want to cool or heat will need a wall or ceiling mounted unit. That’s why they’re more practical for a few designated rooms or a room addition instead of for your whole entire house. The indoor unit and outdoor compressor are connected through a very, very small hole in the exterior wall. In the warmer months, the warm air is taken out of your home’s interior and cooled. During cold months, this process is reversed. The outdoor unit will absorb heat from outside, and blow the warm air into your house. Heat transfer is what makes ductless AC systems work. 

What is “zoned” heating and cooling?

This means you’ll heat and cool your home one room at a time instead of controlling the temperature of your entire house like you would with a traditional HVAC system. The rooms where you decide to install your units will be your zones. This is an energy-efficient and cost-effective way  to cool and heat certain areas of your home, because you’re not paying to cool or heat empty areas or places you don’t spend much time. In terms of comfort, a ductless AC systems allows every member of your family to enjoy their preferred temperature. 

How much do this cost?

A ductless AC systems installation is generally more affordable than a central air system, but can cost up to $5,000. There are several factors of course, including unit model and efficiency and number of indoor units. Contact us to further discuss pricing and financing options!

What are the advantages?

  • No ductwork- this makes installation easier and less expensive, and makes the AC systems more affordable over all. Great for rooms that don’t have pre-existing ductwork (like a room addition). 
  • Efficient- energy loss is an issue with central AC systems because air can (and does) leak out of ducts. A ductless system eliminates that issue. Only cools and heats the rooms you choose, meaning you’re not pumping air into large spaces needlessly. 
  • Individual control of rooms- You can cool your room separately from the kids’ rooms or your home office. That means always having the maximum amount of comfort without worrying about driving up your energy costs. 
  • Quiet- Ductless systems are less noisy, so you can be comfortable and peacefully quiet. 

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