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3 Major Problems You Get with Unchanged AC Filters

Air conditioners simply give us the comfort we need for our day-to-day activities. They keep our bodies cool and the air we breathe clean. But of course, these types of appliances are hard at work, especially because we use them every day.  In the same effort as keeping your space clean, air conditioners also require regular maintenance to keep functioning well. By simply changing and cleaning its filters, you get to keep your unit looking and feeling brand new!

Unfortunately, most people don’t keep up with this task. As a result, AC filters often get neglected and are left to sit inside the machine with copious amounts of accumulated dirt and grime. As you let weeks and months pass, you’ll notice that this will affect the overall performance of your air conditioner. 

Read on and find out the problems you may face when you don’t change your AC filter regularly.

Problem #1: Dirt Build-up

Think of your AC filter as the nasal cavities of your nose. If you don’t clear them, your breathing will be obstructed and may even cause you to get sick for an extended period. 

This essential component is designed to screen and filter the air you breathe by capturing dust, dirt, pollen, dander, and other allergens. If you don’t clean or replace it often, you will not only get contaminated air, but you’ll also get substantial amounts of dirt that will jam the blower fans and ductworks. Eventually, your unit will begin to overwork and break down!

Problem #2: Overgrowth of Molds

Failing to get your AC filters examined may also lead to an accumulation of moisture and mold in the ducts. When an infestation occurs, it may pose a health hazard for the people on your property due to the spread of illnesses and allergy symptoms. Additionally, take note that this scenario is most dangerous for centralized buildings, especially in workplaces.

Problem #3: Rapid Depreciation

As stated earlier, maintenance is vital to maximizing the long-term use of appliances. Did you know that most air conditioners were built to last for fifteen to twenty years? That’s a long time! But, without a regular inspection or a change of filters, you run the risk of cutting its lifespan in half. 

As time goes without proper care for your AC unit, parts may break, or the unit itself may stop functioning correctly. So keep in mind that part replacements will cost you more than just having filters cleaned or replaced.


AC filters have the sole purpose of keeping your air purified and breathable for as long as it can. Without them, air conditioning units won’t function fully in protecting you from harmful contaminants in the air. Moreover, clogged filters and ducts are inevitable in such a setup, especially for round-the-clock use of air conditioning. 

When we buy and use our HVAC units, it’s crucial that we also commit to their maintenance. So once you notice that your unit is no longer running as well as it was the day or week before, give it a little check and see if it needs some care, repair, or filter replacing.

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