Is Your AC Unit Making a Noise? Here’s What You Can Do

You are probably in your office or your home working, or maybe you are studying for your graduate exam—but you can’t seem to focus because of the noise that your AC unit is producing! What’s more frustrating is that you do not know how to make it quiet since you have no idea what the problem is. 

Before calling the maintenance professional, see if you can identify the source of the noise first! To help you in identifying what the problem is, we have listed some tips on what to do if you’re faced with a unit that produces a particular noise. However, if you’re really unsure of what you’re facing, remember that it’s always best to approach an AC technician immediately to ensure that the problem doesn’t cause permanent damage in the long run!

Keep reading below to find out more about the noises from your AC unit.

Excessive Humming All Throughout the Day

If the base humming noise coming from your air-conditioning unit seems to be too loud, then maybe it is not a suitable unit for your space! Before installing any unit, you have to evaluate your place first, as such appliances need a specific compatibility to a particular space. 

If you experience having this kind of noise, you can try to make the following changes to make it stop:

  • Place the equipment far from the areas that you need to keep quiet. 
  • Put mechanical rooms near roadways or noisy areas outside to absorb more sound.
  • Ask your installer to design ductwork so that air travels in a smooth, even flow. 
  • Change the unit.

Whistling or Whining Noises

Your AC probably creeps you out since it gives you those creepy whistling or whining noises. This kind of noise means that there is something wrong with your AC unit and it must be checked immediately! 

The airflow and air pressure of your HVAC system are what causes this sound, so try to look for any of the following issues:

  • Clogged filters;
  • Leaky ducts;
  • Inadequate ventilation designs; and
  • Fan motor speed.

You can resolve these problems with simple measures like repairing ducts or adjusting fan motors. If you’re unsure how to do this, contact a professional to help you out.

Rattling and Shaking Units

The cause of rattling or shaking sounds may depend on the fan motors, fan motor blades, or the placement of the unit itself. You can hear this if your fan motor gets worn out,  if the blades are damaged, or if the unit itself needs to be stabilized from the surface it sits on. 

You may need to call for an AC repair service to fully resolve this issue. Such problems require a skilled professional technician who can deal with high voltage electrical components and hazardous refrigerant chemicals!

Squeaking and Squealing

There are two possibilities why you hear this sound from your unit. It’s either that the blower belt is failing—whether it slipped, comes loose, or needs replacement—or the motor shaft bearings need oiling. If you encounter this kind of problem, you will surely need an AC technician to help you out. 

In order to avoid such an instance, prevention should be your go-to! You can prevent having this kind of problem by having regular maintenance check-ups to keep your unit functioning properly without any signs of unwarranted noises.


Maybe your air conditioning unit might be screaming for attention—which is why they are making noises that disturb you! Poor maintenance can lead to severe damage and noises, especially if your AC has been with you for a long time. As such, it’s best to get regular check-ups to have a unit that’s working properly all year long!

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