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3 Signs That Your Residential Air Ducts Need Cleaning

One of the biggest factors that can affect how comfortable a home gets is something you may have never thought of: air quality. However, just think about it. What happens if you’re allergic to spores and your indoor air is full of them? Well, you won’t be having a good time, that’s for sure. Really, your indoor air quality is just as important, if not more important, than other features of your home, like your coach or your TV. After all, you need air to survive, and bad air will only hurt you in so many ways.

That said, one of the biggest causes of bad indoor air has to do with your ducts. More often than not, they’re neglected to the point that they start ventilating dirty air all over your home!

Today, we want to share with you the signs that your air ducts need to be cleaned:

1. Your Air Filters Keep Clogging Up

It goes without saying that your air filters are essential in making sure that you have good, clean air. They catch a lot of the dirt, dust, and germs that would otherwise make their way into your home. However, if the filters are clogging up often, then it may indicate that your air ducts need to be cleaned. 

Now, how often is often? Well, if you find yourself cleaning or swapping them out every week, that’s a sure-fire sign your ducts are super dirty and need cleaning!

2. Your Air Conditioner or Heater Doesn’t Work Right

Another sign that you need to have your air ducts cleaned is if your air conditioner or heater isn’t working as well as it should be. If there’s a drop in air flow, or if the system is blowing cold air, then there may be a blockage somewhere in the system.

Either way, your AC and heater need constant clean air to perform at their best. If it doesn’t, it may be because there’s too much dirt in your ducts that need cleaning.

3. You Have a Lot of Dust in Your Home

If you’ve noticed a lot of dust in your home, then it may be possible that your ducts are working overtime to filter the air but aren’t doing a very good job. 

So, the more dust you have in your home, the more it shows that you need to have your ducts cleaned. Of course, it could be other factors, but if you overall see more buildup of dust around your home no matter how often you vacuum the place up, it could be that your ducts need cleaning.


Sadly, most people don’t pay much attention to their air ducts until something happens. When that happens, their home is already filled with dirty air, which puts their health at risk! Then, they wish they had known about the problem earlier and could have avoided a lot of problems. So, by keeping an eye out for quality issues, you can learn to keep your air ducts clean and keep your home well-ventilated.

AutumnAir offers HVAC and AC repair and replacement services, including residential and commercial electrical solutions. If you are looking for air duct cleaning in Pelham, AL, reach out to us today!

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