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Comfort in Every Corner

What does “comfort in every corner” mean?

Do you ever have to put on a jacket and socks to be comfortable in one room in your house only to need shorts and a tank top in another room? Ok, ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point. Now that the AC is on, your master bedroom is the perfect temperature to sleep in, the kitchen is decent enough, but the living room is still too warm! Most of our homes have inconsistent temperatures throughout the house. Autumn Air is your home AC services provider in Pelham, AL and our goal is to make sure you’re comfortable in every single corner of your home, whether that’s the basement or the bedrooms. 

How does Autumn Air put comfort in every corner?

There are several ways we can make this possible. Each option depends on your house’s layout, your budget, and your desires. That means every room finally matches the temperature on the thermostat or may mean getting systems that allow each room to have its own thermostat.

AC Unit Maintenance and Repair

The most simple solution would be to check your current AC unit, ducts, intake, and other parts for any issues. If your home isn’t cooling properly, there’s a good chance that there’s a fixable problem somewhere in your system. One of our HVAC experts will come to your home and inspect your system. Having your unit, filters, and ducts cleaned regularly can help prevent bigger, more costly issues. Check out our membership plans here.

Redirecting ducts

We can move air ducts and redirect air to rooms or spaces that need it the most. Adding air vents throughout the house is not always possible without adding more units. Each unit can only take a certain amount of output, but if your unit can handle more vents, then that’s an option if there’s a room that’s not being sufficiently cooled. Larger rooms may need more than one vent. If additional vents aren’t an option, we can simply redirect what you currently have and make sure they’re cleaned out in the process. 

Mini split system

This solution is a game-changer. Imagine being able to control the temperature of individual rooms! Maybe you have young children who need to sleep in a warmer room than you do. Or you’re tired of thermostat arguments amongst your family. This is a great solution to make every room the optimal temperature, which means you’ll have comfort in every corner. Many of these thermostats are able to be controlled using smart phones or smart home devices, so you can even set the room to your ideal temperature before you get home from work! 

The mini-split is ductless. It consists of a discreet wall-mounted unit and paired with an outdoor unit that is significantly smaller than a standard outdoor AC unit. There’s flexibility in the placement, design, and accessibility.

Autumn Air can perform an analysis of your home to figure out which rooms could benefit from this type of system. We have lots of experience installing and servicing all mini split brands. We even have a few in our office space. Surprisingly, this option is very cost-effective and could drastically reduce your utility bills.  

To truly have “comfort in every corner” of your home, you need the HVAC experts at Autumn Air to come inspect what you currently have, in order to find the appropriate solution. The solution may be a simple repair, a reconfiguration of your ductwork, or a mini-split system. The temperatures are only going to heat up more this year, so right now is the time to call so you can have a comfortable Spring and Summer.

For Home AC services, call Autumn Air Home Services at (205) 255-9145.

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