Duel Fuel System in Birmingham, AL

“Dual-Fuel” heat pumps are different. Attached to your existing furnace, this system looks (and works, during the summer) like a high-efficiency central air conditioner. However, in those mild spring and fall months, they provide a more affordable heat. As the temperatures drop, the pump shuts off and tells your furnace to take over.

A dual-fuel heat pump, such as Amana’s ASZ-14, will cost about 20 to 25 percent more (including installation) than an AC. Depending on your Homes’ envelope, it can pay for itself in as few as five or six years.

The Heat Pump Advantage

A dual fuel heat pump system combines the best features of two types of equipment. During milder winter weather, the heat pump transfers heat from the outside air, rather than creating it. During most of the winter, the heat pump operates efficiently and costs less to heat your house that the fossil fuel furnace. During severe winter weather, when the heat pump’s capacity drop’s because of low outdoor temperature, the forced air furnace takes over automatically to provide constant heating comfort.

The Money You Save

Although the initial cost of a dual fuel heat pump may be more than a standard air conditioner, a dual fuel system will provide savings over time that will more than make up for the initial investment. 70% or more of your heating needs can be satisfied by a heat pump.

Why Autumn Air Home Services?

  • We accurately evaluate your home for the installation and capacity requirements of a heat pump system.
  • Our evaluation will consist of a software generated worksheet designed to analyze, and present the amount of heating and cooling needed to condition your home for each season.
  • A careful analysis of your existing ducting will be provide as well. Simply replacing your unit doesn’t make it it more efficient. So many times homeowners are unaware that the equipment is only a portion of your HVAC system. this analysis will allow us to determine what needs to be enhanced, transitioned, or removed.
  • We consider options such as: variable speed air handler; duct sealing; programmable thermostats; mechanical ventilation and air filtration. All items are key to your knew energy efficient heat pumps life span.

To learn more about Duel Fuel Systems in Birmingham, AL, Bessemer, AL, Gadsden, AL, Attalla, AL, Calhoun County, AL, Rainbow City, AL, St. Clair County, AL, Etowah County, AL or nearby, call (205) 800-3400. Free estimates are available!

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