Vital Reminders From Electricians You Should Know About

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to watch out for your home’s electrical system. An electrician will not be with you all the time, so you should know about the things you should look out for so that you can assess if it’s time to seek help from a professional. 

To help you better understand your home’s electrical system, here are some of the vital reminders that electrical professionals want you to know. These key facts will surely help keep your home and family safe from any incident caused by your electrical system. 

1. Never Ignore Problems or Warning Signs 

One of the vital reminders you should always apply is never to ignore problems or warning signs related to the electrical system. Once you notice any unusual activity, smell, or noise coming from your wirings, outlets, light switch, or any fixtures inside your home, you should take it seriously and do something about it immediately. 

The problem may seem normal or small, but it can already be a cause of fire in your home. If you can fix it yourself, do it right away so that you can prevent any risks. 

2. Know That Overhead Power Lines Are Live

If you see some power lines above your home, be careful not to touch them because they are live, which can cause you electrocution, or worse, death. Overhead lines usually are not insulated. It’s no problem because most people can’t even reach power lines. However, once a person comes into contact with the power line, it will be very delicate. Birds or squirrels that go in the power line are only alive because they aren’t completing a circuit by touching the ground. 

3. Know Your DIY Limitations and Boundaries

While most of the electrical problems inside a home are just an easy fix, it’s still crucial to set the limitations and boundaries of your skills. Sometimes, a DIY will only make the problem go worse. If you are unsure how to fix the electrical issue, don’t push it and call for the electrician’s assistance. A good rule of thumb is to work only on electrical components outside the wall, such as fishing cable and adding outlets. 

4. Note That Low Voltage Doesn’t Mean That There’s No Danger

While a low-voltage system is not as dangerous as working on your electrical breaker box, it’s still best that you take extra precautions. A low-voltage system doesn’t necessarily mean that you are safe from danger. Always treat all electrical wirings the same so you can apply the precautions needed on all your works. 

Also, electricians want you to know that it’s not the voltage that will inflict harm on you; it’s the current. Imagine if you’ve become too complacent because the electrical system you’re going to fix has low-voltage, but with higher than safe current, you will face some severe incident. 


There’s nothing wrong with fixing your home’s electrical system yourself. You just need to take extra precautions and note these reminders from electricians so you can keep yourself and your environment safe. Also, these reminders are not meant to scare you away; these are just part of the safety precautions and knowledge you need to learn and follow once you decide to do the electrical work on your own. 

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