A Beginner’s Guide to Fixing a Malfunctioning Thermostat

Every time you use your heating or cooling system at home, you expect to receive the proper temperature you need to remain comfortable indoors when the weather outside is hot or cold. If your HVAC system has a programmable thermostat, you can always change the temperature and set it accordingly. 

However, if you notice the indoor temperatures aren’t keeping you cool or warm enough, unlike before, there may be something wrong with your thermostat. If the room temperature isn’t the same as your thermostat setting, you should inspect your HVAC system.

If you know a thing or two about handling your heating or cooling unit, you could address your concern on your own. However, if it’s a deeper issue, it’s best to hire HVAC repair services. Keep reading below to find out how to solve a situation that involves your thermostat not reaching your desired temperature. 

You Could Reset the Thermostat

When your thermostat cannot provide the proper temperature you require at home anymore, your device could likely be experiencing a breakdown. Similar to all systems that go through wear and tear over time, your thermostat can also face technical difficulties now and then.

If the program of your thermostat malfunctions, it cannot provide the correct temperature and present accurate readings. What you can do is purchase a thermometer for your AC, position it near your cooling system, and compare their temperature readings. From there, you can recalibrate the thermostat using its manual to acquire the proper readings. 

You Could Reconstruct its Wiring 

After purchasing a thermostat, you should test it right away to ensure nothing’s wrong with it. However, if it’s showing signs that it isn’t working well from the start, the installation may have something to do with it and will require you to take a closer look at its wiring. 

Most of the time, a thermostat’s faulty wiring happens when a homeowner prefers to take over the installation on their own rather than hire professional HVAC services. The crucial thing to do is never to forget to use the manual to determine the proper placements of the wires.

You Could Clean the Thermostat 

In other cases, if the temperature in your room is different from the current setting of your thermostat, it could sometimes mean that dust and other dirt particles have clogged up inside. When there is a buildup in your system, it gives your unit a hard time functioning well. 

Dirt that covers the inner parts of your thermostat could create excess heat, leading your thermostat to produce inaccurate readings. The right way to clean your system is to take out its faceplate and grab a soft and clean brush and wipe the dirt present carefully until it’s gone. 

You Could Buy a New Thermostat

An apparent reason your thermostat isn’t operating as you expect could be because of its old age. If you’ve had it for years and it has reached past its prime, the indoor temperature you’re receiving may not live up to your needs and match the thermostat setting anymore. 

As your thermostat becomes old, it can provide the wrong temperature readings, causing trouble when your AC unit, furnace, or heat pump receives false information. Since you require accurate data at all times, you may want to upgrade your thermostat. 


When your thermostat breaks down, you can quickly notice it because your room temperature isn’t like before, and you begin to feel uncomfortable every time you stay at home. Some ways to fix a malfunctioning thermostat include resetting the system, reconstructing its wiring, cleaning it out, or buying a new thermostat to replace your worn-out one. If you’re unsure about handling your thermostat on your own, you should rely on specialists initiating HVAC repairs instead to guarantee high-quality solutions. 

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