Mini Split Systems

Mini Split SystemsMini Split Systems

Mini Split systems provide energy efficiency and comfort control with an inexpensive, cost-saving solution. Offered in both heat pump and cooling-only applications, these systems feature streamlined, wall-mounted indoor units paired with quietly compact outdoor units. The flexible design blends discreetly with any home decor, and is ideal for single room enhancements.  Also homes with “non-ducted” heating systems, such as hot water heat, radiant panels, space heaters, wood, kerosene, or propane.

How do they Work?

Like standard air-source heat pumps, ductless mini-split ac systems have two main components: outdoor compressor/condenser and indoor air-handling unit.  They are available in Singlezone and Multizone when you need comfort in more than one room.


  • Small Size
  • Flexibility for zoning
  • Up to 4 Indoor units (4zones) per one outdoor section
  • Thermostat per zone
  • No duct heat loss from conduction
  • Indoor mounting flexibility
  • Higher efficiency

mini splitWhy Autumn Air Home Services?

Our wonderful field staff have had years of experience performing Heat load analysis for all types of units including mini split systems. A room to room BTU analysis is best for single or multi-zoned system which we can perform. We also have technicians that have been trained, and have experience with servicing and installing all mini-split heat pump systems brands.

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