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Why a Dual Fuel System Is a Great Option for Homeowners

When your house has a dual fuel heating system, it uses both a heat pump and a furnace to heat your place when the outside temperature is 30 degrees or higher. The furnace comes on when the outside temperature drops below 30 to heat your house.

Do you really understand what a dual fuel system is? If not, this article will explain things further.

The sections below will explain in detail what a dual fuel system is and how it operates precisely.

The Operation of a Dual Fuel System

The two fuel sources are combined in a dual fuel system. When the outside temperature is more than 30 degrees, a heat pump is used to heat your home, and a furnace is used when the outside temperature is lower than 30 degrees.

Outdoor temperatures that are higher than 30 and lower than 60 degrees are ideal for heat pumps. The explanation is that heat pumps warm your home by transferring heat from the outside into it instead of producing heat themselves. 

In order to accomplish this, a heat pump uses refrigerant lines to absorb heat from the outside air, transport it inside, and then use that heat to warm the air in your home.

However, heat pumps struggle to suck in enough warmth from the outside air to adequately heat your home when the outside temperature falls below 30 degrees. Your dual fuel system would then switch to the furnace, which serves as a backup heating source.

Furnaces actually generate heat by burning fuel, as opposed to employing heat transfer to warm your home. A furnace should be able to heat your home effectively regardless of the weather outside.

Learn why a homeowner would prefer to spend money on two heating systems as opposed to just one now that you are more familiar with how a dual fuel system operates.

A Dual Fuel System’s Advantages

A dual fuel system is the easiest and most efficient method to heat your house. Heat is moved from the outside of your home to the interior using heat pumps. They only transfer heat from one location to another without using fuel.

Heat pumps are the most effective sort of heating system because they don’t require fuel. Unfortunately, they perform poorly in extremely cold areas. 

Therefore, you require a backup heating system, which in the case of a dual fuel system is a furnace, in order to conserve money while maintaining comfort in your home. 

Heat pumps are more successful at heating your home than furnaces, despite the fact that furnaces can heat your home well regardless of the weather outside.


For homeowners in colder regions who desire both the comfort and efficiency of a furnace and a heat pump, a dual fuel system is an excellent choice. 

When the temperature is moderate, a dual fuel system enables you to save money by using a heat pump while also allowing you to use a furnace to stay warm in the winter when the outside temperature drops below 30 degrees.

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