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Cool Summer: Telltale Signs of Serious AC Problems

Summer is in full swing, so we can enjoy all the seasonal activities! There is no shortage of fun, from BBQs and pool parties to picnics and camping trips. But with the warmer weather comes additional pressure on your AC units.

If your air conditioner is making strange noises, blowing warm air, or simply not turning on, it may be time for a professional AC repair. Below are signs that you need to call for the big guns:

Short Cycling in Your Air Conditioner

When your air conditioner shortens, it turns on and off more frequently than usual. It is a significant problem because it wastes energy and puts a lot of wear and tear on your air conditioner. Over time, this can lead to a complete breakdown of your AC unit.

There are many reasons why your air conditioner might be short cycling. One possibility is that the thermostat is too low. When the thermostat is set too low, the air conditioner will turn on and off more frequently to reach the desired temperature.

Another reason is that the air filter is dirty. A dirty air filter can restrict air flow, causing the air conditioner to work harder than necessary and leading to short cycling. If your air conditioner is short cycling, immediately seek professional AC repair.    

Condenser Is Leaking

If you see fluid leaking from your air conditioner, it is likely refrigerant. This fluid is necessary for the air conditioning process, and if there is not enough of it, the system will not work.

If your air conditioner is leaking fluid, it is essential to have a technician check it as soon as possible. A leaking air conditioner can cause serious damage to your home and your health. If you think that there is refrigerant leaking, you should:

  • Turn off the air conditioner 
  • Call a technician 
  • Do not use the air conditioner until it has been checked by a professional

Strange Noises from Your AC

If your air conditioner makes unfamiliar noises, it might be experiencing some technical issues. The type of problem can be determined by the sound being produced. Let us say that you heard a squealing noise from the unit; this typically indicates that there are loose or worn belts.

If you hear grinding or banging noises, this could mean that the condenser is damaged. If your air conditioner is making abnormal noises, you should contact a professional AC repair for assistance.

Little Cold Air

The most common reason for the lack of cool air is that the air conditioner is not getting enough power. It could be due to the circuit breaker tripping or a blown fuse. You must reset the breaker or replace the fuse if this is the case.

Another reason is that the air conditioner is low on refrigerant. It is a more serious problem that will need to be fixed by a professional. If your air conditioner is giving out air that is only slightly cooler than the air in the room, it may just need to be cleaned. Dust and dirt can build up the coils and prevent the air conditioner from working correctly.


If your air conditioner is leaking, making strange noises, or blowing warm air, it may be time to call a professional for a repair or replacement. These are all signs that your air conditioner is having problems and needs some attention. By catching these problems early, you can avoid more expensive repairs down the line and keep your air conditioner running smoothly for years to come.

If you have noticed any of these signs, you should call AutumnAir. We offer top-notch AC repair that will solve the root cause of the AC problem. So, contact us now for any AC troubles!

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