Factors You Should Consider When Hiring Electricians

Choosing the right electrical contractor is no simple task. The right one can make the project go over as smoothly as possible, but the wrong one can cause bigger problems down the line—problems that most people do not catch until too late. Large-scale projects require skillful electricians, but how does one go about choosing the right one?

Here are some factors that should affect your decision:

1. Credentials

First and foremost, an electrician’s credentials shed some light on their capabilities.

Does the electrician you’re interviewing have the necessary experience for this job? Do they have the proper license? These are questions you should be asking when interviewing or browsing possible candidates.

2. Reviews

Another good way to assess an electrician’s capabilities is by checking their track record with other people and businesses. Say they’ve botched a home ac servicing job. You will not find that information from their website or business card. You have to ask their past customers.

But don’t just take their word for it. Go talk to your own network of reviewers. Ask your friends, the people you can trust. A trusted vouch can go a long way. You’ll be able to ask them how the whole process was dealing with the electrician from start to finish and after.

3. Experience

An electrician’s experience will show in the way they talk. Think of all the issues you may come across and ask away. Ask them about past projects, what difficulties they came across and how they were resolved. Ask them what a good project is like for them. What’s a bad project? 

Visit your local building department and talk to an electrical inspector. A quick chat with them may let you know if the company you’re talking to is as experienced as they claim to be. The risk of hiring untrained electricians is astronomical.

4. Insurance

How’s their damage control? In case of injuries or accidents, the law requires licensed electricians to carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance. You must be prepared for these accidents, especially for these dangerous jobs. And preparation comes in hiring the electrician who carries the necessary documents and insurance certificates. Ask them for a copy, just to be safe. Remember: insurance will protect you as well as them.

What About Cost?

Notice how the cost isn’t included in these factors. Although a relevant concern, cheap work might end up costing you way more in the long run. And then you’ll have to go through the whole process of looking for the electrician you should’ve hired in the first place. That could have been money spent on other services, like air duct cleaning, which is also important maintenance work for your building.


When all is said and done, a good electrician will make the whole process smooth and easy for you and your staff. In the future, if you ever come across an electric issue, you’ll be thankful for dealing with a trusted electrician with the proper credentials and experience. When you find a good one, stick with them. Who knows, loyalty might even score you free air duct cleaning services.

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