Planning for a Toasty Fall: Watch Out for These Furnace Problems!

As we near the year’s end, the weather has grown colder, and the surroundings are turning into a blend of reds, yellows, and oranges. The fall season is the perfect time to enjoy a warm drink, enjoy the colorful outdoors, and get cozy with the family at home! However, when you have a broken furnace, you may end up suffering in the cold instead.

For a comfortably warm and enjoyable fall season, make sure to watch out for the common furnace issues you may encounter:

1. Dirty Air Filters

If you find that your furnace isn’t keeping your home as warm as it should, you may want to look at the condition of its air filters. Dirty filters are most often the cause of a furnace’s inefficiency—the heat, dirt, and dust clogged in them keep your furnace from blowing enough heat, which makes for an uncomfortably cooler home.

While furnace filters are meant to remove contaminants from the air, it’s not just to provide a cleaner indoor quality. Rather than for air quality, the primary purpose of air filters is to keep contaminants out of your heating and cooling systems. 

When the furnace’s air filters get too dirty, it won’t remove the contaminants well. Once harmful elements get inside the furnace’s sensitive components, they may get damaged, and your energy bills could rise.

2. Malfunctioning Thermostat

Most often, you don’t need to call for furnace repair. Before reaching out to a furnace repair professional, make sure to check your thermostat. Although the thermostat isn’t part of the furnace, it could be the culprit as to why your furnace isn’t emitting as much heat!

Make sure to review the user’s manual of your thermostat to determine whether you’re pushing the right buttons and figure out whether it needs to be replaced or if you need to tweak the settings a bit to get the furnace working well. We also recommend changing your thermostat’s battery as the season changes to prevent any more problems with your heating.

3. A Wrong-Sized Unit

A furnace does an excellent job of providing warmth during the colder seasons, but there are times when it doesn’t offer sufficient heat. Most times, a clogged filter causes the heating problem, but it could also be because your furnace is too small for your home

No matter how impressive it is or how well-manufactured your furnace is, you’ll still have to endure living under freezing conditions if your furnace can’t cope with the heating demands of your home. If you’ve been longing for more heat, consider calling for a furnace replacement.

4. A Broken-Down Furnace

A furnace that stops working is never a good sign, especially given the colder weather. Most often, a furnace might stop working because of a tripped circuit breaker, an issue with the pilot light ignition, or restricted flow that triggered a safety switch. 

If your furnace has stopped working, don’t attempt to find out the cause and solve the problem yourself, as you could damage your unit and get into an electrical accident. To ensure your safety and the condition of your furnace, make sure to contact a professional for furnace repair.


You could have some of the best times of your life during the fall season, as long as you’re nicely warmed up. If you want to have a good end of the year, don’t forget to check on your furnace and call for furnace repair when needed. With a well-functioning furnace, you’re sure to have the best fall season you’ve ever had!

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