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Is It Time for a Furnace Replacement? Here’s How to Know

When’s it time for a Furnace Replacement. It’s comfortable to think of your furnace just heating your home, quietly minding its business without letting you know there are issues at all. Furnaces have a more complex life than that, though, which means you sometimes need to be proactive in monitoring them. Check out these signs to know when is the right time to for a Furnace Replacement: 


This is very obvious, but many homeowners fail to consider this. A Furnace Replacement is only designed to operate for 15 to 30 years. If it goes beyond that, then there’s a chance your furnace needs replacement. 

A way to increase the life cycle of your furnace is to have regular maintenance and repairs at least once a year. However, it’s recommended you start looking for a new furnace after 15 years since its installation. 

In case you are using a gas furnace, know that this is designed to operate for up to 20 years. However, new gas furnaces have a lower lifespan, so they cost less money to run than electric ones. 

Loud Noises 

Do you notice loud noises coming from your furnace? It might be time for a Furnace Replacement. These are noises, such as popping, humming, rattling, and screeching, which are telltale signs it’s time to replace your furnace.

Let’s dive deeper into these strange noises: 

  • Popping: The sound is caused by temperature fluctuations that affect certain parts that produce the noise. 
  • Rattling: This is usually due to loose ducts or equipment. 
  • Screeching: This indicates damage to the furnace blower motor. In some cases, it could also be due to a damaged belt or pulley. 
  • Humming: This is typically common as it is caused by the standard operation of the furnace blower motor. It is a problem when the noise is noticeably loud. 
  • Clicking: This may be an indicator that the flame sensor or igniter must be fixed. 
  • Booming: This is a sign of a major gas emission issue with the furnace. The sound is caused by a brief delay during the ignition process. 

Consider replacing it with another heating source, such as a heat pump, boiler, or a ductless mini-split system that will save you more money on utility bills. 

Fluctuations in Temperature

Do you notice continuous fluctuations in your home’s temperature? These sudden changes aren’t good, and it may be a sign that you need to have an expert look into your furnace. 

Noticeable shifts in temperature can be a sign that it’s time to replace it, especially if it’s already reached 15 years. During this time, the Furnace Replacement will become less efficient and lose its ability to distribute heat evenly. 


Replace your furnace If you notice soot collecting near the furnace register, then this is not a good sign. Soot often comes with dry air that can damage your floors and furniture. You might also notice dead plants in your home, which means there’s a low amount of moisture in the air. 

Excessive soot and dust throughout your home mean your Furnace Replacement is producing too much carbon dioxide. In this case, it’s worth considering a Furnace Replacement. 

This Is Your Sign It Time For A Furnace Replacement.

As the temperatures drop and our homes grow colder, many of us start to wonder if now is the time to replace our furnaces. Watch out for these signs and have them inspected by a professional first. 

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