4 Common Reasons Your Furnace is Leaking Water

Water leaks from your furnace are one of the common mishaps that can pose a bigger problem to your home. When left unchecked, the leaky furnace can deal serious water damage to your space—wrecking the walls, flooring, ceiling, and higher risks for mold growth. When you see water pooling at the base of your furnace, it’s best to put professional repair services on speed dial. 

Why Do Furnaces Leak?

1. Condensation Leak 

Modern furnaces now perform at an AFUE rating of 90 or higher, which allows them to run at high efficiency as they’re built with two heat exchangers to ramp up the heat production. While it does better at keeping your home toasty, the constant high temperature comes with plenty of condensation as it goes through the floor drains.When the pipes create a blockage due to all the clogged-up gunk passing through it, the condensation can leak out from the base of the furnace until a pool of water accumulates and leads to water damage. 

2. Humidifier Leak 

Clogs can wreak havoc on your systems in more ways than one, so it’s not a surprise that building up obstructions with the humidifier can also result in a water leak. The humidifier is often attached to the plumbing system as it helps regulate the moisture in the air, so when the device experiences congestion, it will cause the furnace to leak out water. 

3. Plumbing Leak 

Some leaks impact the furnace even if the unit itself is still in perfect condition. One example of this includes plumbing leaks, which happen when something gets clogged, and the water backs up in the drainage system. As it leaks out of the drains, the plumbing leaks can look like a problem related to your furnace. Either way, it’s a good idea to call an expert who can look at both critical functions in your HVAC and plumbing system. 

4. Clogged Filter 

Filters are important components that help remove any contaminants from the air as it passes through the furnace, so when particles build up and cover the filter, it can restrict the airflow passing through it. When the furnace coils struggle to release the circulating air, it can sometimes lead to water leaking around the base of the furnace. 

The Bottom Line: Knowing the Common Culprits Behind Furnace Leaks

Furnaces that function efficiently can effectively keep homes cozy throughout different seasons, making them a silent workhorse that plays a pivotal role in establishing a comfy and liveable environment. A well-performing furnace should keep you warm when the colder months come, but dealing with any underlying issues that compromise its functionality can leave you with higher electricity bills to worry about down the line. 

Seeing the important role your furnace plays in creating a warm and comfortable environment, it’s only right to address any problems like leak issues as soon as possible. Choosing the right professionals to handle the repairs is just as crucial if you want to get the job done right the first time. 

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