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Are Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps Worth It: Know More About It

It seems like dual-fuel heat pumps are becoming more popular today. Homeowners are starting to recognize the benefits of having the system in their homes. If you’ve never heard about dual-fuel heat pumps, they work to provide heat for your house using natural gas or an electric pump. 

But, you must know that heat pumps don’t produce heat. They take air from the outside and move it around your house when it gets cold indoors. Dual-fuel heat pumps utilize a gas furnace as the backup or emergency heating supply. They are different from standard heat pumps that use some energy-sucking electric-resistance heating elements as their backup or emergency heating supply. 

Now you might be questioning if purchasing a dual-fuel heat pump is worth it. To help you know if it is, or guide you to decide if you must buy one or not, check out the benefits of having dual-fuel heat pumps in your home: 

1. They Can Provide Greater Efficiency

A solo electric and a gas furnace heat pump can already provide you with numerous benefits. What more if both are combined in one system! Dual-fuel heat pumps can offer greater efficiency because they function well even with the lack of heat energy. Since its backup heating source is a gas furnace, it can still provide your home heat when the system can no longer obtain sufficient heat energy from the outdoor air to bring inside. 

2. They Can Offer More Comfortability

You will need heat pumps, most especially during winter. Thanks to dual-fuel heat pumps, you can be comfortable during moderately cold temperatures, even when it gets freezing outside. Your heating system can still provide you with warmth because they will switch to the gas furnace. They don’t have to rely on getting warm air from the outside entirely. The gas furnace can quickly take the chill off your home to make it comfortable and warm. 

3. They Can Have Versatile Features

One of the advantages you can enjoy in dual-fuel heat pumps is their versatility. By that, we mean that you can choose if you want to activate the emergency heating automatically or manually. You have the option to decide if you’d prefer gas heating during moderate temperatures or electric heating. 

4. They Are a Cost-Effective Solution

Since you have the option to choose whether you will use gas or electricity, you can take advantage of which fuel source is the most economical for your situation. Select which one is cheaper during that time, and use that to provide you with some heat. You can experience comfort while saving some money. 

5. They Are Environmentally-Friendly

Dual-fuel heat pumps provide environmentally-friendly solutions to warm your home. As you know, they can contribute heat using electricity or gas. If you require electricity 85 percent of the time, you’re lowering carbon emissions, which can significantly benefit the environment. 


After knowing the advantages of having dual-fuel heat pumps, it’s safe to say that it is worth your investment. However, it will still depend on your house and the availability of fuel supplies. But, if you can have an adequate fuel source, you should definitely consider having dual-fuel heat pumps because they can provide you with greater efficiency, comfortability, and versatility. 

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