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A Helpful Guide to Knowing the Three Types of Air Ducts

Whether you’ve recently purchased a new ventilation system or replaced your old model with a new one, all homeowners must know the significance of their Air Ducts. 

This critical device controls your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system and regulates indoor temperature and air quality.

While scheduling regular dirty air ducts cleaning and maintenance can help keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient, you must also learn how your ductwork functions. 

If you want to enjoy an effective HVAC system, this article will enumerate the three types of air ducts and their typical shapes. We’ll also discuss how to ensure your units’ best condition.

3 Types of Duct Systems

There are different kinds of ducting available to suit various applications. You must always let a professional HVAC technician install the correct ducting system because the wrong option can cause poor air quality, energy inefficiency, and even cause damage to the equipment.

This section will discuss the three types of air ducts systems.

1. Flexible Ductwork 

Experts recommend flexible ductwork for difficult-to-reach places that need a duct system, and it’s more easily adjustable than other designs. 

When someone properly secures and adjusts it, it can give your property efficient airflow. On the other hand, improper installation can cause sagging, snaking, and kinking, causing inefficiency and expensive damages.

Call a professional if you spot loose, sagging, or damaged flexible ductwork. 

2. Semi-rigid Ductwork

Semi-rigid ductwork is a popular ventilation choice because it’s dependable with zero leakage. It also requires quicker installation, which can help save on labor costs. Moreover, your HVAC technician can change semi-rigid ducts from round to oval shape without compromising performance, making them ideal when height is a limitation. 

3. Rigid Ductwork 

Manufacturers create rigid ductwork in different sizes and materials. They can join these pieces with unique pipe-like bends and are solid and lightweight, making them highly efficient. 

However, they’re not flexible and require careful planning and installation, making them more expensive than other air ducts. Always consult a professional technician for the set-up and regular air duct cleaning. 

3 Common Shapes of Ductwork

After discussing the three types of duct systems, this section will describe the three common ductwork shapes and their advantages and disadvantages. 

1. Round

You can usually find round air ducts in many households. They’re more efficient to install because they require fewer materials to make and connect. Round air ducts also have better airflow than other shapes, reducing the noise from your HVAC system. 

However, they require certain heights for your technician to install them. 

2. Rectangular 

Property owners use rectangular or HVAC rectangular duct when there isn’t much room. While manufacturers need more material for this type, it allows for increased airflow in low-pressure HVAC systems. It also looks lovely in a business or retrofitted space. 

However, the only downside is more air ducts vibration, leading to more noise. Connecting the ducts can also be tricky, and rectangular options can lose energy from gaps or poor connections. 

3. Oval 

Oval ducts are ideal for homeowners’ HVAC systems because they balance the advantages of round and rectangular ductwork. They can fit in tight spaces and maximize airflow. The curved surfaces also help to reduce noise levels. Moreover, oval air ducts have smooth and seamless connections, providing a better barrier against the elements. 

How to Maintain Your HVAC Dust Systems

You can improve air quality and optimize your HVAC system’s efficiency by scheduling professional air duct cleaning. You should also let technicians inspect your units for damage. Moreover, these professionals can perform pressure tests to check for leaks. 


Being a responsible property owner means educating yourself on which HVAC system works best for your building. You can enjoy energy-efficient units by educating yourself on the different types, scheduling regular air duct cleaning, and consulting a professional technician. 

If your home needs professional air duct cleaning in Birmingham, AL, contact Autumn Air! We’re committed to keeping your house comfortable all year round with our quality services. Reach us now to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation! 

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