The Right Time to Change Your Furnace Humidifier Filters Is

Are you confused by the error message on your thermostat after it asked you to change the humidifier pad? Don’t be worried about it; it’s just letting you know it’s time for some regular maintenance, like air duct cleaning!

In the winter, humidity is needed. Portable humidifiers do their jobs, but they can only do so much. Furnace humidifiers and whole-house humidifiers require regular maintenance. They need to be cleaned and checked, but they are worth it!

But When Is the Right Time to Change Those Filters?

It’s essential to change the humidifier filter once a year, and you should have a reminder built-in to your system. It will wear out faster if you live in a harsh winter area or have hard water and high salt content. Otherwise, you may need to change it less often.

But Why?

Apart from much-needed air duct cleaning, not changing out your pad can cause much more severe problems than wasting electricity. Mold and bacteria will grow inside the unit, and the device will wear down faster. The aged pad can build up with invasive dust and mold that damage the respiratory system. 

When water evaporates through a dirty pad, it clogs up the unit’s drain, making it seem hotter than it is. As a result, you’ll end up turning up the thermostat and increasing energy costs.

So How Do You Change It?

Always check the manual for instructions on assembling and disassembling your product. If you do not have the owner’s manual, you can follow these instructions that are the same for most products. The whole process takes only a few minutes and requires little to no technical knowledge for air duct cleaning:

Remember: The part may be called a Water Panel Filter, Water Filter, Evaporator Pad, or Humidifier Pad.

  • Unplug the machine to prevent the risk of electric shock. Make sure you know where your humidifier’s circuit breaker is, so you can shut off the power immediately if necessary.
  • Carefully slide the cover off and remove any grilles or plates blocking access to the evaporator. Check the evaporator pad, and if you find it’s in good condition, clean it with water and vinegar. Dispose of the cleaning solution by running the humidifier with plain water for 24 hours. If you can’t get rid of the scale, you’ll need to replace the filter.
  • Take out the old filter and clean off any calcified deposits. Use vinegar to soften them, and then rinse with clean water. If cleaning doesn’t help or there is evidence of damage, it may be time for a replacement filter.
  • Unwrap the new filter, and ensure you’re putting in the right one for your humidifier model. In many cases, you’ll have to match a sticker inside the machine to one on the filter wrapper, but other model numbers are listed on most filters as well.
  • Clean and replace the cover. Slide it back into place, or secure it with clips or screws. Reconnect the water distributor tub. 
  • Turn on the clean humidifier and set the desired humidity level. Also, turn on the heat for your home since it is wintertime. Ensure that the water drain is working correctly and that you see no other signs of an issue. 

These tips should help you with proper air duct cleaning and restoring reasonable energy costs.

If All Else Fails, Get Professional Help

If you’ve tried everything you can think of to clean your humidifier and it’s not working, don’t feel bad about it. Now you need expert help. Get professional humidifier cleaners to inspect your humidifier and replace it if necessary. They will then resolve any issues, offer a warranty on their service, or ensure you get the correct value for the job they provide.

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