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Signs That Tell You Your Heat Pump Needs to Be Serviced

While there are a bunch of elements that make your space more comfortable, nothing is quite as powerful as your heat pump. Your heat pump keeps you warm and cozy, even during harsh winter months. Fortunately, with a heat pump, you won’t need an AC for the summer as well. 

Because of its duality, there’s no doubt that your heat pump is one of the most overworked equipment in your home or workspace. While your AC unit can rest during winter and your heaters can rest during the summer, your heat pump goes on all year round. In that regard, your heat pump will most likely experience some wear and tear.

Since your heat pump may require some regular servicing, it’s one of the components that you, as a landlord, should pay attention to closely to ensure that your tenants and visitors stay comfortable. 

While a once-a-year maintenance check is ideal, if you notice something off with your heat pump, it’s worth calling your trusty HVAC service team to inspect your heat pump for any damage. Trust us—knowing when you should get your heat pump serviced can save you from severe damage and hefty costs. 

Signs to Watch Out For That Tell You You Have a Faulty Heat Pump

  • Crazy Energy Bills: If you noticed that your energy bill seemed to skyrocket out of nowhere, there might be an issue with your heat pump, and you should give it a look. A damaged or dirty heat pump can rack up your energy costs because it may be working harder to provide you with the right temperature. However, the issue can range from having dirty air filters to a faulty installation, so it’s best to have an expert HVAC service team inspect your unit.

  • Poor Air Flow: If you have poor airflow in. your space, you most likely have dirty or damaged air ducts. With this, it makes it difficult for your heat pump to circulate air. You may have poor airflow for other reasons, too, such as debris blocking your ducts, dirty coils, malfunctioning motors, and other technical issues.

  • Strange Noises: There’s no denying that a heat pump can be one of the loudest machines on your property. If you’re starting to hear strange noises in the unit, such as bubbling noises, screeching, rattling, or flapping, it’s best to call a technician right away. These sounds could be due to a loose fan belt, poorly lubricated air fan motor, or you may leak.

  • Weird Smells: If you’re starting to notice a weird smell, it’s time that you have your heat pump inspected because you may be dealing with more than just a technical issue. Must and rotting smells can be a huge concern since you may be breathing in mold spores or an animal’s rotting body. So not only will this be an unpleasant experience, but it can also be a health hazard. 

The Bottom Line: Having a Trusted Technician on Speed Dial Can Help Manage Your Heat Pump Woes

There’s no denying that regular maintenance and inspections can help keep your heat pump running throughout the year. But if you notice any of the signs above, don’t wait until the next session and call your trusted HVAC service team right away. When you address the issue early on, you get to save up costs on damage repairs and replacements.

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