Common Reasons Your Furnace Is Not Effectively Heating

Lucky you if you live in an area where you do not need to turn your furnace on all the time. That means you get to enjoy summer and the other beautiful seasons too. However, that luck also comes with a minor disadvantage. It only means you need to double-check if your furnace is working correctly before the winter comes. Not turning on your furnace for a long time only increases its risk of getting damaged internally. One obvious sign is when your furnace suddenly did not ignite after attempting to heat it. 

Many reasons could be behind this scenario. It could be a minor problem that you can fix on your own or a complex situation that would require you to hire a professional HVAC technician. To give you an idea of the potential errors, here is a list of the common reasons a furnace cannot catch fire. 

Problem 1: Something Is Wrong with Your Unit

Sometimes, the real problem is your furnace itself. It can be difficult to tell, but it is also common to forget to switch on the power button of the furnace. Even if you have your gas system working and supplying your furnace, it will not work without the needed electricity. Ensure that it is turned on or that your breaker is fully functioning. Should you realize that your breaker keeps on tripping, call on an HVAC technician and have it fixed as early as possible. 

Problem 2: Your Filter Is Clogged

It is hard to notice that your furnace works if its filter is clogged. Make it a routine to have this part regularly cleaned and replaced. Besides that, ensure that all your vent registers can freely dispose of the air from the inside. There should be no furniture blocking its way. 

If you believe that you have done your part and yet, the heat is not that apparent, perhaps the air ducts need some cleaning. Call on your trusted HVAC company that provides cleaning and maintenance services.  

Problem 3: Something Is Wrong with Your Thermostat

You may not feel the heat in your home because something is wrong with your thermostat. It could either be because of these two common mistakes:

  • You failed to switch it to the heat option
  • You were unable to select the correct temperature

This reason may be the simplest, but it happens. If you checked and managed to set the thermostat correctly, but the furnace would still not budge, check the display and look for an error code. Problems like that usually require a more in-depth repair. 

Problem 4: Your Gas Supply Is Disrupted

Another critical thing to check is if your gas line is working correctly. Ensure that it is turned on and see if other gas-burning appliances around the house are working. 

If it successfully supplies gas to other appliances yet does not power up your furnace, your next step is to ensure that the gas line to your furnace is connected correctly. 

A disrupted gas line connection is why the furnace does not work correctly. It only means that it lacks the right amount of fuel needed to ignite the furnace. 


Before you panic and reach out to your technician, make sure that you check the enumerated problems here first. Should any of these issues cause your problems, immediately find the best solution for them. If the problem is something you can no longer handle on your own, you can always seek professional help for your furnace repair.   

Autumn Air Home Services offers furnace repair and same-day AC repair in Birmingham, AL. We have offered professional furnace and AC repair, installation, and maintenance since 2012. Let our conditioning and repair specialists do the job for you. 

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