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Common Reasons Your Air Conditioner Freezes Up

Many homes in Alabama depend on air conditioning systems to keep their household comfortable at all times. Part of guaranteeing you can continue receiving quality indoor air is remembering to perform proper maintenance on your AC system regularly.

Failing to do your part and calling an expert to check your AC often will lead to problems, which will require HVAC repairs. Over time, some AC units freeze up because there is no sufficient airflow. Besides that, other possible reasons can indicate something’s wrong with your appliance.

Keep reading below to find out why your home’s air conditioning system is producing inadequate cool air and why it’s freezing up all of a sudden.

Its Air Filters Are Clogged

After constant use, dirt and other tiny particles can build up on your AC unit’s air filters, which ends up getting in the way of your cooling system from producing quality indoor air. When you fail to maintain it and clean it if it’s reusable or replace it if it’s not, your AC can become frozen.

Its Evaporator Coil is Dirty

Your AC unit’s evaporator coil can experience dirt buildup too. When that happens, it prevents the airflow from working normally, eventually freezing up your cooling system. When you use your AC, the indoor air moves from its ducts to the space in your home, carrying dust with it too.

While the air filter works to trap most of the dirt particles, it can’t get all of it, which ends up in the coil. After some time, the evaporator coil tends to get dirty and will require thorough cleaning. It’s better to depend on professional HVAC services to take over the maintenance.

Its Blower Fan is Damaged

The fan stands to blow warm air into the coils of your AC. But if your cooling system breaks down and produces insufficient air or none at all, the evaporator coil freezes up. It prevents your air conditioner from operating and will require AC repairs.

Its Air Ducts Are Broken

Air ducts are the parts where the air goes through whenever you turn on your AC unit. The minute the air ducts break down, it will affect the smooth flow of indoor air and lead your air conditioner to freeze up before involving the other areas of your cooling system.

Its Refrigerant Level is Low

Your AC system’s refrigerant happens in its compressor, so when the pressure is high, the refrigerant gets hotter. During a leak, the refrigerant is lower. When there’s less refrigerant present, the compressor becomes less pressurized. As a result, your AC unit freezes up.

Its Condensate Lines are Blocked

When your home is filled with moisture, your AC system strives to absorb the air mixed with moisture and heat and passes through its evaporator coil. There is also a drainage line that transports the condensed moisture, which becomes water, far from the cold refrigerant in your cooling system. Once the drain clogs, the water settles near the evaporator coil, eventually freezing over. 


The situations above are just some of the potential reasons your air conditioner could be freezing up. Whether the problem originates from your air filters, evaporator coil, blower fan, air ducts, compressor, or condensate lines, the best thing to do is call an HVAC specialist to take a look at your unit. 

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